What Pastors are Saying

“The Bertness family put a lot of work and love into the preparation for a Children’s Crusade, and it shows in the resulting program. Wayne is not only an excellent story-teller who makes good use of humor; he also handles the Word of God faithfully and well…if you are looking for something to impact the children of your community, I highly recommend the Bertness family to you. Their love for children and their love for God work together to produce a very effective ministry.” 

Pastor Bob Shepansky


“…we have had the pleasure of having the Bertness family minister to us. They held several exciting meetings in our church and have encouraged us greatly. The children and families looked forward to each meeting with enthusiasm…We found the meetings to be well conducted and firmly based in God’s word. It is a pleasure to recommend the Bertness family ministry to you.”

“We cannot begin to express our gratitude for your family…We praise God for the way He used you to reach the unsaved families in our community.”


Pastor Larry Dyck, B.C., Canada


“I would like to commend brother Wayne Bertness and his family to you for children’s ministry. (They) have developed a Bible centred, action packed…program that has been a blessing to churches all across our land…I am sure that you will find them to be a great personal blessing and a revitalizing factor in your church.”


(Pastor) Dr. Robert C. MacGregor, Ontario, Canada


“I would have them every two years if I were head of the C.E. department. The people in our church feel the same way… I highly recommend the Bertness family to your church.”


Pastor Dallas Strangway, Alberta, Canada


“We want to thank you for your excellent ministry here at First Baptist Church.”


Pastor Jim Church, B.C., Canada


“We appreciate the fellowship we have had with Wayne and Suzanne. They are truly burdened for all people and of course have a special talent and burden for young folks…(The) program itself is well organized, starts and stops on time and keeps both young and old sitting on the edge of the pews. There is a good amount of scripture integrated into the program with a strong emphasis on personal commitment to Christ….”


Rev. H. Ross Helgeton, Alberta, Canada


“Wayne and Suzanne Bertness were a real ‘shot-in-the-arm’ for our church! They present a clear gospel message…and Christian joy! They built relationships, even though they were here a short time. We will be having them back, and I would recommend them to any church, anywhere, any size.”

                                                                                                                                Pastor Tom Ruhlman, Washington, USA


“Thanks so much for ministering to our church family and community over the past week. We have truly appreciated your fun and dynamic approach to communicating the gospel.”         

                                                                                                           Pastor Myron Siemens, Alberta, Canada


“It was a real privilege and a pleasure to have your family with us for the “Big Round-Up”. What a  testimony for Jesus Christ, seeing a family serving God together! My three year old still talks about “Sheriff Wayne” and Randy, and when a Bible story comes up that Randy helped tell, she remembers quite vividly how Randy taught that story!


In this pressure-packed, fast-paced, media-oriented society, it is refreshing to see and hear the Word of God presented clearly, and in a way that is enjoyable for the whole family!”


Pastor Paul Pierce, Washington, USA


“It has been my pleasure to be associated through ministry with Evangelist Wayne Bertness. His ministry to our school and church has been tremendous.


Mr. Bertness has the rare ability to draw children into the teaching of God’s word in a varied approach each day. His intense desire to share the gospel with each child is balanced with a spiritual ministry to the believing children and parents.


This year at the “Big Round Up” with the Sheriff, we witnessed over 30 first time salvation decisions, as well as a number of recommitments. “


Pastor Ben Markley, S. California


We can put you in contact with many more pastors from places we have ministered. We just don’t have letters in hand from them.




What Christian Schools are Saying


The Bertness Family has ministered at our school and church for five years. Each year it gets better and better. Their “Spiritual Emphasis Week”…has become the student and staff favorite week each school year.  …as a school administrator I am inundated with various program offers…and carefully guard what reaches their...minds.  The Bertness Family put our minds at ease with their quality presentations, and wise use of student/teacher school time. They seek administrative direction before beginning their program(s) to tailor fit the details into an outstanding program. ..I highly recommend them as an outstanding choice to consider when booking your school program, chapel schedule… 

Jim Feller, Principal, Redding, California


“Wayne and Randy and the entire Bertness family are outstanding. It is the #1 chapel that our … students look forward to every year. They have ministered and blessed our Christian school for the past 8 consecutive years. They are superb!”

 David Kendrick,  Administrator, S. California


“What a great impact God has allowed you to have in the lives of our students. We have seen many good decisions made by our students…”   

Chris Herring, Principal, S. California


“Wayne Bertness is an outstanding communicator. His program is riveting! Our 450 elementary school age children hang on his every word, as Wayne honours the Lord with his songs, puppeteering, and stories. Wayne emphasizes the practical application of Biblical principles, and never fails to give the message of salvation, clearly and simply so that children of all ages understand..”

Pat Holt retired Principal, S. California


Wayne…is an exceptional story teller and had no problems keeping 240 students (K-6) entertained for 45 minutes while teaching valuable Biblical principles.”

Mrs. Linda Bangs, school?


 “What a joy it has been to have you here at Grace for a whole week! The entire student body and staff have been blessed and challenged by your daily presentation of God’s salvation message. With your multi-talents, you were able to communicate God’s love in a way that reached all ages (even many of our parents)

Frank Coburn, Principal, S. California


“I would like to highly recommend that you invite Wayne Bertness (& family) to minister to your children. Today he kept 250 children (ages 4 –12) spellbound for over 45 minutes. He won’t lose their attention for a moment.”         

Loretta Donnelly, Chapel Director, S. California



“What a joy it is to have you with us this week. Your ministry has far exceeded my expectation. I believe that the Lord has used you to open up the hearts of our student body…Having you with us all week has allowed us to experience the genuineness of your family’s belief in the Lord. You and your children have impacted the lives of many during the spontaneous moments you’ve spent with us. The professional presentation you have given us has made me glad that you are working for the Lord.”

Ron Cushing, Principal, S. California


“The Lord used your ministry in our midst in a significant way…God has indeed gifted you, Wayne, as a story teller, and your family with a multitude of talents. Here are some of the comments made by the elementary children:

 ‘I am going to remember the Bertness family in my heart all of my life. ‘

 ‘Today I shed tears at the story. When I grow up, I want to be like the Bertness family.’”

Robert Tennies, Headmaster, Florida


 “Your ventriloquism (was) not only very professional and entertaining but …had a clear Biblical message that gives God the glory. I was especially impressed by the manner in which you could hold the attention of the students from youngest to eldest, kindergarten through sixth grade.


Your presentation of “Pilgrim’s Progress” in monologue with graphic support through slides was superb. The fact that the audience perceived the message was very evident by the student’s recall during your review session the next day.


We were furthermore impressed by your humble spirit and the evident desire to let the Lord work through you and your family…” 

Tom Sidebotham, Administrator, Florida


“I would like to recommend to you the ministry of Wayne Bertness. Using few props, he can hold a student body spellbound with a story…Songs, stories, and ventriloquism are effectively woven into an entertaining program that presents the gospel of Christ gently yet powerfully. Upright behavior, good manners, respect for parents, love of God – these topics are all emphasized…This ministry is good for children.”

Mark Mueller, Principal, S. California


“We have appreciated your ministry with us…The students enjoy your program, and look forward to it each year. The messages you present are relevant and tailored to the needs of our students.”  

Roger Everett, Principal K-8, S. California


“You were great, and the kids just loved it! Many of the teachers also commented how enjoyable the chapel was! I appreciate the spiritual emphasis and clear salvation message.”

Bonnie Clifton, Chapel Director? S. California



What Public Schools are Saying


“The presentation was extremely well received by our students. It held their interest and was very entertaining. The material contained in the presentation was very appropriate… The students participated with enthusiasm and pleasure. Mr. Bertness was also able to get them to refocus quite easily…We would be pleased to have Mr. Bertness return to our school in the future.”

Steeples Elementary, Cranbrook, BC


“The performance of the ventriloquist was appropriate in nature and presented in an enjoyable manner. Both staff and students of South Broadview responded positively to the content of the performance…I would strongly recommend his visitations for the elementary school level.”   

South Broadview School, Salmon Arm, BC


“I would recommend Mr. Bertness to any school or group who is interested in great entertainment with a positive message. Mr. Bertness is to be commended for the work he is doing.”

Georges P. Vanier School, Morinville, AB


“I would like to thank you for your most enjoyable performance at our school. The children and teachers loved it, and your skill and expertise as a ventriloquist was most evident in this performance.”    

Uplands Elementary School, Penticton, BC


“The presentation …was excellent and a very professional demonstration of the art of ventriloquism. He held the enthusiasm and attention of the students throughout the entire performance, had excellent interaction with the students, and spoke at the level of the audience. I would recommend Mr. Bertness to any similar presentation at school assemblies. It definitely is an educational experience for children.” 

West Bench Elementary School, Penticton, BC   












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