Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much do you charge?


Answer: Our expenses average about $1000 for a week (Sun.-Thurs. crusade, camp, conference or VBS) and $200 for a single engagement plus traveling expenses if the distance is more than 50 miles, or we have to stay overnight. (The family does not usually come for single engagements, unless specifically requested. If chalk art is requested, there is a lot more set-up and the whole family is involved.) However, we don’t charge, but will accept a love offering for our ministry and trust God to take care of us. IF WE GO TO COUNTRIES OTHER THAN CANADA, WE VOLUNTEER OUR SERVICES FOR NO RECOMPENSE WHATSOEVER.




Question: What types of programs do you do?


Answer: Because we use so many different media, from puppets to preaching, we can minister effectively in pretty much any venue. We mostly do chapels, VBS and camps these days, as well as back-to-school and club programs, banquets, special nights for almost anything, and outreach events.



Question: Where do you minister?


Answer: We are willing to go anywhere in the world, if that is where we feel the Lord wants us. Our hearts are in missions, not entertainment, or money. Mostly we have ministered in Canada and the US, but also in Mexico, England, Liberia, W. Africa, where Suzanne grew up as an MK, and more recently, in Belize and St. Vincent.



Question: What church do you attend?


Answer:  Right now we attend Calvary Baptist Church in Aldergrove, BC because they have Sunday School, an evening service and decent music, but we are Biblicists - that is, we believe whatever the original text of the Bible says. Our background is Baptist.



Question:  How long have you been doing this?


Answer: We have been in this type of ministry full or part-time since 1974!!!


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