Our bus motorhome.

Recent promo picture.Starting with some action songs (lively, but no rock!)
Learning a verse with the help of our puppet(s).

The kids are quite enthralled...

They love Ricky the raccoon (not real, but looks it).
Adults enjoy the fun too......especially the Mystery Box skit. There is a BIG box with something in it for everyone who comes back on Sunday and a "bad guy/guys" try to steal it every night, but the Sheriff and his church people Deputies "protect" it. Quite hilarious for all, with the purpose of getting new ones back to church.One of the regular Spiritual Emphasis Weeks we had in Fremont, CA.
Another regular Spiritual Emphasis Week in Santa Clarita, CA.If desired, we will have a Dress-up Day, with a prize for the Best-Dressed Cow boy/girl/adult.It's awkward to take pictures during counselling, but this is one that is kind of an average group being counselled at a Christian school or even a camp.
Animal balloons are given out for various things, usually after the program, to avoid distraction.

We like to be with the kids to build relationships at camp.

Wayne has been thrown in the lake, had pies thrown at him, etc., all to build relationships so the kids will respond to the gospel.
I get involved too. This was Weird Hair Day!Our kids enjoyed getting involved too. This time, our son's counsellor was in the military, and was showing the kids how they paint their faces for camouflage.

My instrument of choice is piano, but I can help with the singing using a guitar too as in the campfire picture to the left.

Spoke 28 times in Belize, working with Child Evangelism Fellowship,  over the course of 3 weeks, presenting a clear gospel message in many public schools.Working with the Belize Gideons, we distributed 8000 NT's in a place where most Christians didn't have Bibles.Spoke 22 times over 2 weeks in St. Vincent, working with Children Evangelism Fellowship, presenting a clear gospel message in many public schools, and opening doors for Good News Clubs.

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