Our first "kids".

Our first 4 REAL kids, plus the others!

"Pigs don't live in houses..."

Singing at Jericho Rd. Baptist Church, San Diego.Country Gospel Jamboree in Abby Arts Centre. Our dog "yodelled" there too!Promo picture around 1992.

Picture done for our 6th tape in 1994.

Michael unicycling by the church float we are riding to promote the VBS week.Michael's first paid juggling job - at a theme park.
Recording another tape. Sheriff Wayne had to use a separate sound booth!Jam session in the bus. Even Randy and Shandy joined in!Promo picture 1995?
Promo picture 1996.Promo picture 2000 after the older ones deserted us... : (Promo picture 2003?

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